The rusty tapes: What Gives More Pleasure

La historia de la canción se la dejo a Pat, que la letra es suya.

foto de manu lauda
foto de manu lauda

What Gives More Pleasure

  • Pat: Voz, batería ,coros
  • Eme: guitarra acústica
  • Manu: guitarra eléctrica
  • Rod: bajo, coros
  • Chema: armónica (no grabada)
  • Gerardo: sonido.

What Gives More Pleasure

What gives more pleasure

than eat until drop.

With your collegues

in a trendy restaurant

After drag your big ass to a fancy car.

A driver takes you into your house

And looking out the window

How the world is falling down

For making your own/ your own world

So whimsical.

You come home and jump

To the maid who opens the door.

Your pic in the newspaper

Shows you so handsome so ?

You promised to make a better place

But now, It’s seems to be OK

The world is due to you

Enjoy, what else should do

politician/ politician

You work for you

What gives more pleasure

than remembering the death.

Lying on your waterbed

you’d never suspect

One day your fat will invade you

you’re terrified and no one to help you.

your brains will burst

your intestines will jump

there ‘ll be a new dawn/ a new dawn

and you will die.

Safe Creative #1311289454507



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